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Let’s go to ‘E1 All That Skate Spring 2012’

Apr 02, 2012 | 14:03:34 PM

Let’s go to  ‘E1 All That Skate Spring 2012’

At 7 PM 2nd of April, Tickets for Yuna Kim’s Ice show in May will be opened.

- Tickets for ‘E1 All That Skate Spring 2012’, will be opened at 7 PM 2nd(MON) of April through 
  Interpark Ticket.

- 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Men-Women Gold Medalist Yuna Kim & Evan Lysacek, 2012 World    
  Championships Men-Women Champion Patrick Chan & Carolina Kostner and other world top talented 
  skaters will be presenting.  
  Dispatch date :2nd(MON) of April, 2012

Figure Skating Paradise of best Skaters, best audiences harmonized together through best performances.

Tickets for the ‘Queen of Figure Skating’ Yuna Kim’s ice show will be opened from 7 PM 2nd(MON) of April.

All That Sports said that at 7 PM 2nd of April, tickets for ‘E1 All That Skate Spring 2012’ which will be held on 4th of May till 6th during 3 days, will be opened through Interpark Ticket

Since the news of ‘E1 All That Skate Spring 2012’ became known, All That Sports have received many inquiries from the audiences who are expecting it.

Yuna Kim is going to makeover into a man and she will open 2 new programs to the public for the first time. Also 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Men-Women Single Gold Medalist Evan Lysacek & Yuna Kim, 2012 ISU World Figure Skating Championships Men-Women Single Patrick Chan & Carolina Kostner will perform in the same stage. Besides, figure fans can meet Stephane Lambiel, Vancouver Olympics Pair Gold Medalist Shen Xue-Zhao Hongbo in the same stage so their expectations are higher than usual.

The ticket price for ‘All That Skate Spring 2012’ which will be unfolded with the theme of ‘Figure Skating Paradise’, are 29,7000won for Kiss&Cry zone, 210,000won for SR class, 165,000won for R class, 110,000won for S class, 55,000won for A class and 33,000won for B class.You can book a ticket through InterparkTicket(, 1544-1555) and there’s a 15% discount when paying with KB credit card.

Also, disabled can purchase the ticket at a 30% discounted price only applied to the buyer oneself and the ticket for the wheelchair seats at a 30% discounted price on class S, 77,000won, discount applied to the buyer oneself plus one companion.

To the customer of Kiss&Cry zone tickets, which are always sold out in the first place, special benefits will be provided again this time.
They can enjoy the performance at the place closest to the rink and also they will be invited to ‘All That Skate advance closed rehearsal(Kiss & Cry Event)’. After watching the ice show rehearsal, they are having an interview time with the skaters and All That Skate souvenir will be provided also.

All That Sports said, “All That Skate which got an explosive responses every time, will present top-notch performance inviting world top class skaters again this time.” Also added, “Figure fans can enjoy figure skating paradise through different level of stages and programs from the ice shows before.

‘E1 All That Skate Spring 2012’will be held on 4th of May till 6th, performing 3 times during 3 days, at specially installed ice rink in the Olympic Gymnasium.
There are more details related to the show in the official homepage.(

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